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A Dream Conduces To Smile

Such a sweet school situated at a mountainous side of the village... 32 pupils.. dreaming together.. “Do you have any dream kids?” “Teacher , we wish to eat pizza and to visit Balıklıgöl in our city… “Minor Dreams has been established and helped some again… Here are 32 minor hearts whose dreams came true. Here our Minor Dreams team works for our country’s children, fed them pizza they imagine and show around the Balıklıgöl.

If you want to conduce to a dream, here Çare Minor Dreams…

For support:

  • You can donate via DONATE section.
  • You can get more information via calling + 90 212 471 08 08
  • You can transfer money via our Bank Account Numbers.


Write  "MINOR DREAMS" for the donation explanation and "Çare Association and Development "  for Account Name. 

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