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"We are just your intermediary"

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Minor Dreams

We are on our way to be a hope, a droplet of water and a piece of bread for Africa. We have met those people who were looking forward to see our arrival. Those who knows the importance of patience. They were telling us with their tounge of disposition; we are here, taking care of your trust until you are back! We will stand against tyranny! And we are dreaming of your return! We made their dream come true through our humanitarian aid, water wells, food boxes and health aid and run from aid to aid.

And then there is a small voice, we too have minor dreams, please be a hope for us too!! We organized “minor dreams” to reach out provincial kids who are sometimes dreaming of having either a simple pen or a candy or just warm hug of manifestation of love! Lets be a hope to them through aid!

For help;.

Write "MINOR DREAMS"  for explanation during the online donations and donations via bank and write ""Çare Yardımlaşma Ve Kalkınma Derneği" as note for Account Number.

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