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Flood In Sri Lanka: 146 Dead!

In Sri Lanka, while the floods and landslide victims have risen to 146, thousands have remained homeless.As a result of the floods and landslides from monsoon rains in the town of Bellena in the Kalutara region of Sri Lanka, has risen to 146 and 99 people are still missing.

The government has assigned 2,000 military personnel to participate in post-disaster rescue missions. Officials said they were struggling to find the missing 99 people and that it was very difficult to reach certain areas where the incident took place. Sri Lanka's health minister, Rajitha Senaratne, said that a total of 493,455 people were homeless and which 185 health and sheltering facilities were in the service of the citizens.

Abeywardana, who stated that residents should be evacuated in areas which are prone to riverside and landslide, demanded that the rescue and aid agencies will be alerted for 72 hours in the region.

It was reported that more than 100 sailor and 20 technicians belonging to the country's fleet were sent to the region for the rescue and aid activities with helicopters and planes. In a statement made from the Disaster Management Center, Interior Minister Vajira Abeywardana, said to reporters the adverse weather conditions are expected to continue and more than 7,000 people afflicted around the capital and Colombo.