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"Biz Sadece Vesileyiz"

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Panah Yetimhanesi Yetim Günü Organizasyonu

Our orphans and the families who love and own us were gathered together where 15th Orphan of Çare Association was held in  on the day of 18th of Ramadan. 

Nearly 40 families, deans from universities, professors, imams and teachers were invited. Nearly 120 guests participated in the organization as well as the mufti of the region.Quran recitation, hadith presentations, divan, naat and Turkish marches were recited at the organization where the speeches and presentations were made also with our children .In addition, Esma-i Husna and a small theater show was done as well .

On the day when Turkey-Pakistan friendship and benevolence were expressed, a great deal of prayers have been done to turkey . Speakers' have enunciated that they were very pleased with the works and aids of Çare Association and expressed that "after the Ottomans, no one has done any brotherhood or guidance to us.It was widely thanked to The Çare Association and benefactors , saying That you are bringing to life this position .

Herewith ,We would like to thank you and Pakistani lovers all over Turkey thousand times and send thousands of greetings from your ancient Pakistani friends.