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Be With Your Brother - 2019 Qurban

Qurban is closeness. Qurban is brotherhood. Qurban is solidarity. Qurban is self sacrifice. eventually, Qurban is Rabb's consent.

While Islamic world turned into blood bath, while oppression, with "justice mask" , oppresses our brothers and sisters, while poverty and misery reign we wish  Qurban Eid glorify and soften our hearts, illuminate our minds and remind humanity conscience and  mercy.


As its mentioned in a hadith by our Prophet (pbuh)

‎اَلْمُؤْمِنُ لِلْمُؤْمِنِ كَالْبُنْيَانِ الْمَرْصُوصِ يَشُدُّ بَعْضُهُ بَعْضًا 

"Loyalty among muslims is as strong as a building which parts bonded" we regard this hadith as our life principle and regard it as a treasure which will save Islamic Ummah from misery on earth and from regret at hereafter...

We are concerned about relieving our muslim brothers' sufferings and impeding any oppression whenever we encounter. We took the road to become relief. We regard  Qurban climate as an opportunity to make Muslim Ummah smile little more . We run to Africa, Asia nad Far East with our 80 volunteers. We feel mumeens' pains deep inside our hearts. we regarded every pain and suffering as our own.

We want  every mumeen feel the eid and every orphan smile this time.

Çare volunteers enjoy sharing their Qurbans with their oppressed and poor brothers at different climates of our heart geography.  We never say "Who Cares?" due to the conscience inherited from our ancestors and  responsibility being inhabited  in Anatolia  burdens us. We know that Turkey is not just Anatolia. Turkey is the only hope of our heart geography from Africa to Asia. We hope the Qurban eid we attained reinforce the brotherhood among Islam Ummah , contribute to love among mumeens and to unificitaion of hearts...


Çare Association this Qurban Eid too , make Qurban sacrificing organisations in 16 countries sum of  Turkey, Palesting, Yemen, Afghanistan, Kenya, Uganda, Chad, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Somaliland, Arakan, Philippines,Ghana and Ethiopia. 


How Qurbans Are Slaughtered?

  • Qurbans that have  the required conditions and specialities,  are purchased by authorized Çare Association volunteers in the country the slaughter  will be held.
  • Qurbans are slaughtered in accordance with Islamic methods
  • Qurbans slaughtered are distributed to needy people
  • When your Qurban is slaughtered , with  confirmation from the representative on the sacrificing area, you will be informed via SMS.
  • Qurban Share owners will get the link which they can watch the slaughter video and pictures of their Qurbans within 2 weeks from the information SMS.


How Can You Donate Your Qurbans?

  • For Online Donation: CLICK
  • You Can Donate To Our BANK ACCOUNT
  • You Can Call and Get More Information Via +90 212 471 08 08 And Make Your Donation


Note: During the EFT write name of the  "Qurban Sacrifice Country" and the name and surname of the " qurban share benefactor" , and mobile phone number. And write Name of the  Reciever Bank Account Number  as " Çare Yardımlaşma ve Kalkınma Derneği"



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