Ramadan – Çare Association

"We are just your intermediary"


Çare Association , who sets up iftar dinner-table every month for Ramadan and distributes food and provisions, is aiming to gladden the needy families again by creating a smile in the face of orphans in this year.

Çare Association establishes the iftar dinner-table of Muslims in the 10 poor countries with the donations of the benefactor people. As in every year in Ramadan, we are departing for our oppressed, refugees, victims and needy brothers in different parts of the world.

As in every ramadan organization which  is held every year in Turkey We are supporing to the orphans and their family in the world, organizing Iftar dinner-table , helping the stationery aids, giving the clothes as a gift.

You can donate your zakats, fitr alms and provisions during ramadan for the Muslims who have been persecuted, victimized and tortured in different parts of the world.

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