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Orphan Support

Çare Association first started orphan activities in 2011 by helping an orphanage in the country of Uganda. The following year, We opened our own orphanage and today it has become an official school and taken the form of the Kisugu Orphanage and School, consisted of the 72 orphans.


In 2014, Çare association expanded its orphan activities with the Philippines and Pakistan and continues its research to increase the number of orphans and orphanages with its experience. We aim not only to provide food, beverages and shelter to the orphan activities, but also to educate the talented and self-sacrificing young people who are confident in the future of the Islamic world and thinks more his country and ummah than himself.

We support about 210 orphan children in 4 countries and 8 regions, undertaking regular care every month; education, health, food, and housing.

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