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Why Are we Organizing Health Camps?


When we face a sad situation or a problem, we have a word of consolation: “Health First!”

Some people, who have been searching for the treatment of the illnesses they suffered from, even sometimes spend all their wealth on the treatment. For instance, a father can sacrifice all his assets he has accumulated over the years for his child's illness at once.  However, not every person on earth may be so lucky for some financial, geographical or technical reasons. There are many people who cannot see, hear and touch their loved ones anymore because they cannot access treatment for a simple fee for various reasons.


If we extend our hand and say we are here to the people who can not see their loved ones because of not having a simple eye operation, we can be hope for them.  We can get a hearing aid for an ear longing to hear, or we can be the feet of people longing to walk.

Care doctors organizes health camps in Turkey and oppressed countries in order to nourish the hopes of our Muslim brothers to restore their health.


What Do We Do in The Health Camp?


Cataract Surgery

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 2 billion people out of 7.5 billion in the world suffer from visual impairment. 10 million of them cannot see due to cataract problem in Africa. Cataract is a treatable sight disorder, but thousands of people lose their sight every year because they cannot be treated with appropriate methods. According to the eye diseases report published by WHO last year, there are more than 65 million 200 thousand cataract patients in the world today.

Cataract disease is generally encountered in low and middle income countries, especially in South Asia and Africa. The biggest reasons for this situation are geographical conditions (sand storms, malnutrition) and lack of hygiene (accessibility to clean water). Although eye disorders such as cataracts can be diagnosed in these countries where health services are not easily accessible, they cannot be treated. In most countries,  eye disorder problems cannot even be diagnosed.

Care Association is going to give hope to people who are looking for cure thru the health camps. If we do not ignore them with – 500TL worth of- cataract surgery we do in health camps, they can see their loved ones.


Treatment of Water-Related Diseases and General Health Screening

Each year, 5 million people die because of water-related diseases (malaria, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, etc.). 1 billion people in the world cannot access to clean water and every 20 seconds 1 child dies before they grow up due to thirst or water-related diseases.

We can say that there is almost no agriculture and livestock in African villages. Because there is no enough water resource in the region. There is no life without water. Villagers are constantly forced to leave their homes and migrate to areas with water. Since the water resources in the region are not sufficient, people are constantly migrating and the number of deaths from water-related diseases during these migrations reaches to the serious levels.

Due to diseases related to hunger and thirst, edema begins to appear in the bodies of children. Thirst reaches such extent that people are forced to consume dirty water out of necessity, which leads to the deadly cholera disease.  Thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of people die from water-related diseases because proper treatment cannot be done in these regions, where health facilities are limited - sometimes not even at all.

In addition to general health screening in health camps, Care Association also screens common water-related diseases such as malaria, cholera, typhoid and dysentery - due to the drought in the region and applies the necessary treatments according to the screening.  In various countries in Africa (Chad, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Kenya, etc.), we also drill water wells with donations received from you so that people do not leave their villages because of water shortage. We are witnessing that the water wells increase the quality of lives in those regions and we will continue to drill water wells so that no one on earth dies because of thirst, so that people do not leave their homes and villages to reach the water.


Treatment of Gynecology and Personal Hygiene Package Assistance


Women's deaths in Africa are most often caused by diseases such as HIV (immunodeficiency virus), improper birth interventions, and tuberculosis. Care Association also works on diseases observed on women during health camps to prevent them up to certain extent.

Throughout the camp, the conditions of pregnant women and the health status of the mothers who gave birth and do breastfeeding in the region are examined by doctors and children in need of vaccination are vaccinated. In addition, personal hygiene packages are distributed in order to prevent illnesses up to certain extent.


Treatment of Pediatric Diseases and Malnutrition 


821 million people sleep hungry every night. Pregnant / breastfeeding mothers and young children are the highest risk group in terms of hunger.

Almost half of child deaths under the age of 5 in the world are caused by malnutrition. Inadequate nutrition in terms of content or amount and the inability of the body to sustain its energy and protein needs as a result of long-term hunger causes a disease called malnutrition. Severe cases of malnutrition may unfortunately result in death with the onset of cell destruction.

According to the results of our measurements, we provide treatment with therapeutic foods in cases where advanced nutritional deficiencies are found out and supportive foods in moderate cases.

In addition, Care Association distributes food packs to families in need in many countries by considering the health benefits of nutrition, and serves iftar meals during Ramadan.


Medicine Packs Assistance


Did you know that around 2 billion people in the world - 30% of the world's population - never use any medicine in their lifetime? In Africa, this rate is 50%. Moreover, in Africa, where 1/3 of malaria drugs are sold as counterfeit, more than 10 million people's lives can be saved annually if only access to authentic drugs is facilitated.

Care Association provides medicine and medical supplies according to the needs of the regions where the health camps are conducted in the under-developed or developing countries. Drugs and medical supplies donated by pharmaceutical companies or purchased by donations are delivered to people in need in those countries.


Child-Baby Food Assistance


Care Association also provides food packages and baby food distribution in countries where it organizes health camps, so that children and infants under the age of 5 do not sleep hungry. We distribute baby food for healthy nutrition and better growth of babies who are the innocent of these lands.

By donating baby food, you can touch tiny hearts of kids and infants, contribute to their healthy growth, and make a smile on their faces.


Health Education Project 

In addition to diagnostic and therapeutic activities, surgeries and drug assistance in the countries where Care Association organizes health camps, it also carries out health education projects in order to reach better levels of health needs in the region.

Especially “emergency medicine education” seminars are given in the countries where we organize health camps. Considering the diseases in the regions, current physicians - or senior medical students who are about to graduate - are given training in various branches (general surgery, eye, cataract surgery, internal medicine, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, etc.) according to their demands. On this occasion, a new employment area is provided to students who are about to graduate.




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