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Water Well

The most graceful of The benediction, the most fruitful of the Livelihood, the most and extraordinary compassionate of the Manifestation is undoubtedly the water.Water is mercy. Water is life. Life is one of the four elements that make life worthy. Water is like a testimony such as other boons.

When the Israelites, for example, went to battle against Caluta in the kingdom of Talut, they got had a exam with water, and the holy that had passed the an exam, became a cause for passing the water test to the companion of Davud, which was to be established in the shadow of the nübüvet.

Nebiyulah Musa extracted the water to 12 tribes from 12 rocks, and Resulu Ekrem (a.s.v) as well had the martyrs drunk the water from his 10 fingers.The water miraculously had been given to the waterless army with the help of the Allah.Lions of The Bedr have reached the water and flourished with Rasulullah (s.a.v) who could reach the water-wells of Future and the state.

Hz. Osman bought water from the Jews, and the people of the Medina had a water with this.In the history of Islam, the water wells were always counted as the most important charity, and the most of people were equipped with book of charity flowing from the grace drops of the fountains that they had done, but they returned to them as water, and eternal blessing in heaven at the point of death.

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