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Don’t be Obstacle, Let’s Start to Care

December 3 was declared by the United Nations as International Day of persons with Disabilities in 1992. Care Association is launching a campaign called ”don't be an obstacle, let’s start to care!" to make the lives of people with disabilities easier and to make them more active and involved in all aspects of life.

As Care Association, we know that the peace and welfare of a nation can only be possible if all its members are active and productive in social life. In this context, we aim to reduce the difficulties faced by our disabled brothers and sisters by taking more concrete steps with the support of our donors.

Let International Day of Persons with Disabilities be the first step in this awareness. With these steps, let's prevent people with disabilities from being tied to home and bed. Let's work together to provide them wheelchairs, so that we help them involved in social life.

What can we do?

  • Wheelchair Donation 500 TL
  • Battery Powered Wheelchair Donation 3.500 TL
  • Disabled Child (Spastic) Wheelchair Donation 1,450 TL
  • Disabled Adult (Spastic) Wheelchair Donation 1,450 TL
  • Toilet Seat (Home Type) Wheelchair 650 TL

Campaign Period

Care Association will implement this campaign between 01 October 2020-02 December 2020 as the first phase. The wheelchairs, which will be bought through donations collected during the campaign, will be delivered to previously determined needy people.

Distribution of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs to be bought with donations will be delivered to disabled ones on December 3 during International Day of Persons with Disabilities.


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