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The Project of Idlib Bricket House

There is now in a new wave of immigration from the conflict-affected areas...   The need for a quality shelter became a vital need because of heavy winter.

We are prioritizing 100 families with orphans and handicapped people who are now living at tents in this cold weather. Houses are for those internally displaced people with priorities on those mentioned above. Tents are not fit to protect people from cold weather. Therefore we strengthen the foundation of our bricked houses to protect refugees from cold. The houses will have two rooms, a toilet, a shower, and a kitchen. The houses will be completed with reinforced concrete. The roof will be made out of sheet metal. The lot which will be utilized for the houses has been given by the local government.

It is an unavoidable reality that the war has a disastrous effect on human life. This disastrous effect showed itself even more during the winter. As Care Association we have been continually providing humanitarian aid to Syrian People. There are hundreds of thousands of children internally displaced in Syria and forced to be away from their families.

 We are hoping to provide sustainable shelter to the refugees in order to lessen the burden on their shoulders.

Construction Stages

1. Completions of title works

2. Completions of substructural work

3. Completion of construction including roof

4. Door, windows, electrical and plumbing works




1. Foundation with 28sqm house

2. 27,7m filling of cement

3. Outer wall with 15cm blocks and inner wall with 12cm and for a house 54,4sqm walling.

4. inner wall coating and plaster 91sqm

5. Roof metal sheet of 0,4cm for 27,7sqm roof

6. Lumber doors and windows (3 wooden doors and 2 windows per house)

7. Kitchen lavatory, toilet, and plumbing

8. electrical works

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