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Çare Doctors To Africa

Doctors affiliated with Çare Association, within the scope of health services to Kenya, made volunteer medical screening with doctors work in Şanlıurfa

Çare Association , in most countries of Africa, does  humanitarian aid works like opening water wells, food supplies beside Ramadan iftaar and victuals. Çare Association which operates in fields like orphanage and education institutions  within the scope of Permanent Projects , started work in healthcare field due to necessity.

In  2016, Kenya's Garissa and Şanlıurfa are declared sister cities. Hereby, within the scope of healthcare services, we decided to make medical screening with doctors work in Şanlıurfa. Doctors operate under the name of Çare Doctors, on volunteer basis, arrived at the area, made some operations and distributed some humanitarian aid stuff.


Benefactors from Şanlıurfa contributed greatly for the aids distributed. Hospital officals expressed need for doctors leading experts, there are people wait for surgery for months, yet no operation for most diseases and there is need for help and medical education. Coordinator of Çare Doctors Dr. Ferit Gül said, "Inshaallah, our aim is as we Çare Association under the umbrella of Çare  Doctors,  with all volunteer doctors in Turkey, to elicit Black Continent by the manifestation of the name The Most Curative, and to be cure for diseases and to share truths of quran which is cure for spiritual diseases  to those in need and to  reduce the deathrate related to lack of medical operations. 



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