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Kalıcı Eserler

Uganda Eğitim Kompleksi’mizin Yapımını Yerinden İnceledik

We are continuing to help the needy with your help in different part of the world. 
The life of many has changed Through your sacrifices, orphans’ dreams came true, those in need find happiness!
We have visited our educational complex’ construction on october,21-25 to inspect the building and latest developments of it. 

We have arrived Uganda in 2011 for the first time. 
We have witnessed the inappropriate situation of the orphans at their very backward place. We are moved by their motivation of love for learning despite the situation in which they were in. We have decided to construct a home for them!
It is difficult for us to describe their situation as three orphans were sleeping at one bed without pillows, bedsheets etc. 

We decided to host these kids in a better place with appropriate education. Raise them up with skills and perfect their abilities and empower them spiritually and materially. 

These 75 kids grow up in this Orphanage which we rented temporarily. 
These kids had their primary and elementary level education at that orphanage/school. These kids learned how to pray five times a day, make their tasbihat, read books, develop their character. And if interested we help them to memorize the Qur’an. 
And many of them were successful in completing their memorization of entire Quran.
We are now happy that our very own complex which will have support center, school, dormitory, meeting rooms, guest house, computer center, library etc in the service of 500 orphans. Our goal is to reach as much as possible more kids and raide them up as good citizen, good believer, good human. 
The center will not only serve those who are stay in but at the same time to the people at neighborhood. Our plan to reach near 300 kids at near by subdivisions. 

We are very happy and feeljng blessed to inaugurate another thafeez center in a different villiage . 
We visited Turkish ambassador Hon. Mr. Kerem Alp at Turkish Embassy in Kampala, too. The Ambassador often visit the Orphanage and spend time with kids.
There was a need for a water well at our Orphanage because of drought in Uganda. Thanks to Allmighty Allah we were able to open a huge water well which is in shaa Allah more than enough for our orphange through the help of our donors.
It was a such joy to witness to the happiness of people during the inauguration of the waterwell which really turn to be a festival for the students, teachers as well as locals.
We are looking for your aid and donations to complete our new complex sooner.